Watching music videos as a child, I developed an early fascination with the

representation of music on screen. My first live concert (Iron Maiden), including

impressively artistic backdrops, flipped a switch in my mind and sewed the seeds

for my future career.

The Cure tour in 1992 afforded me my first shot at vision-mixing and directing,

closely followed by Paul McCartney. Rad start! As a live multi-camera director, I’ve

loved every moment of this multi-faceted process that requires an understanding of

technology, sharp communication skills to ensure seamless teamwork with crew

and the band, and resilience to manage the demands of international touring.

Immersed for over 25 years in this fascinating world, my speciality is multi-camera

and media directing: often projecting multiple and complex imagery on diverse

screens. It’s bonkers fun and I’m a roadie at heart, regularly touring with legendary

bands, such as the mighty Pearl Jam. Touring keeps me firing on all cylinders, which

then feeds into my film projects.

Inspired by my live-action multi-cam directing, I am regularly commissioned to

develop other formats for recording live musical performance. This includes TV/

DVD, Longform, Theatrical and Streaming, generating art and media for playback

and a ‘cameras as content’ approach. This diversity of formats is a treat and each

offers a unique creative challenge. Experimenting with optical and digital effects

for bands, such as Depeche Mode, REM, Peter Gabriel and Snow Patrol allows me

to innovate creatively, whilst channelling a cinematic style for classic bands, such

as Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton and Sting is equally appealing.

I’m constantly analysing onstage behaviour, performance and dynamic. No two

bands are the same; each has its own unique DNA and it is my job to distil this

into visual imagery that enables every member of every audience to fully

appreciate an intimate experience with their band, even from the back of the

biggest stadium or on their sofa at home. Where practical, I direct and vision mix

from front-of-house, absorbing audience response directly onto the screen. This

intimacy and creativity are what I examine and photograph, edit and colour, direct,

produce and deliver. My constant is to create and deliver in pictures that which

these incredible artists create and provide onstage for us all. Thank you music,

bands, sound, lights, cameras, audiences.

Examination Productions is the home of Blue Leach and the base from which this

all starts.